MAWMonday Motivators 12/20/2015

wishChristmas week and the first full week of school break. A time of reflection. A week of investment and preparation for the coming new year. As my children get older and I gain wisdom, I consider what I give and what it makes possible. Not just in this season, but throughout my life. I encourage you to do the same. Whatever the contribution you make, consider what it accomplishes in the world. Whatever the gifts you give to others, be sure to give yourself a few gifts as well. Not the tangible and impermanent ones, but the lasting mental permission and power that will make all other gifts more meaningful. My wish for you this week and this season is to find joy. I found some tweets that walk you through the process.

1. Authenticity
Just you. Do you realize how wonderful so many believe you are? Of course, you don’t. If you did, you would feel that push to go after your dreams. You would not hold back on who you know yourself to be. You would not fear the rejection of those you know will reject. You would risk embarrassment and failure. You would rejoice in the acceptance of those you know will accept you for who you are. ENOUGH just by being you.

2. Change
Not just the jingle of coins, but the progress of growth and creation of a legacy. Change that is not a denial of who you are and the flaws and scars you carry. Change that is an integration of your ability and your weaknesses with resolve to partner with supportive others to impact the world for the better. Change more like pulling back the over-shirt to reveal the large red S beneath. Find a phone booth, and let’s do this!

3. Chance
But, what if it is everything you ever imagined? You will wonder why you put it off so long. Put yourself in that mindset. Insane wealth is not certain, but learning is a given. What would you do instead? Let’s agree that no matter the situation, you would feel the tug to create. Let’s invest the time, cultivate the energy, and take the chance. Better now than later. Better some than none. Small steps. Consistently.

4. Courage
It is just true that your courage inspires courage in others. They see you, and they begin the conversation within themselves. “Maybe I can do it?” “Maybe I can do it.” “Maybe I CAN do it.” “I CAN DO it!” It is certainly a refrain that has power. Speak this life into your world each moment. Your mountains are surely high. You aspired to great heights. If it were easy and without dangers, you would not need courage. As it stands, you will have to create courage as automatically as you create sweat. Both are important ingredients in your success.

5. Words
As I focus intensely on my writing, I am excited about what my words will do in the world. What was the last encouraging word you gave? What was the last time your encouragement was directed toward you? When was the last time you listened as you hope another would listen and take flight on the launching pad of your encouraging words? I have a select group of words for you, taking strategically from the tweet. Your words CAN bless your world today!