MAWMonday Motivators 12/25/2016

In the United States, this Monday is observance of the Christmas Holiday. That must be motivating in itself. A short week culminating in the New Year’s celebration. Christmas day is always 7 days from the New Year’s holiday. This is perhaps the most magical week in the year. It has the emotions of the year past and the hopes of the new year coming. There is no time of year as ripe for letting go and new beginnings.

MAWMonday Magical Week

In this magical week, I encourage you to dream big. Reflect on your failures, lessons, triumphs, and meaning from the year past. Set about articulating your mantra, your keywords, and your attitude that supports behaviors in the new year. Take this week to align yourself with opportunity and grace. Preview 2017 with the satisfaction that 2016 is completed, and 2017 is a clean slate.

1. Line up your encouragement.

This week is especially fit for dwelling on your encouragement and the encouraging people in your life. With a sense of renewal and the ability to start again, you want to have only positive energy around you. Load up as if ready to jump into the new year and fly.

2. Create your opportunities

One of my favorite “week before the new year” activities is outlining what I will accomplish. More than just a list, it is a careful plan of action. Look at what you would like to accomplish. See your vision from December 31, 2017. Work backward to see what activities, achievements, and milestones you will need to hit in order to reach your goals. Tell a friend. Notify your supporters. Make it happen.

3. Make magic

The older I get, the more I believe in magic. It’s not that the existence of magic has been proven as much as the opposite has shown itself to be true. I am motivated to believe in magic because I believe in balance. Only magic can offset the lack, ignorance, and isolation that seems all too common. This week is an eerily appropriate time for magic to manifest.

4. Do unto others

I am launching an encouraging thought for every day of 2017 from the site. I’m also committing to doing something kind for another person each day in 2017. This week is the week to energize that plan for the long haul. Why? Because it is my wish that someone encourage me. The best way to get approach a relational need is to engage in relationships. You should join me. It’s more fun together.

5. Make your soul happy.

I have been meditating on this all year. What will make your soul happy? It is a simple enough admonition: do that which makes your soul happy. The determination is clouded by trauma, short-term fixes, and incomplete voices in your head. One thing is certain. Produce. Not for what you can get, but for what you can create. Give something wonderful to the world. Find your voice and sing. Pick up your pen and write. Reach out your hand and pull another up. It may not be the one thing that makes your soul happy, but it will nourish your soul until you find that thing.