MAWMonday Motivators 3/22/2015

The-Power-Pose1I am a great believer in natural order including the law of attraction. So, it is no coincidence that I operate, even in the little things, out of a universal sense of order and purpose. What is exciting are those moments when you are confirmed in your choice behavior and your insistence on certain mannerisms. Those moments remind me, even in the avalanche of negativity and the mountain left to climb, that I matter and the universe is rigged in my favor.

I’m not going to take the time to present the list, but trust me, it’s long. Not so much sheer number, but the emotional intensity is what I concern myself with. You should operate intentionally that way as well. Sitting powerless while your friend wrestles with a debilitating mental illness burns less calories that 8 hours of hard labor, but emotionally the former may require more recovery time. Suffice it to say, I have been drained in the last 14 weeks. I have created new coping techniques beyond the meditation, deep breathing, hydrotherapy, and exercise. You’ll hear more about that in upcoming MAWMedia Group, LLC training.

Today for MAWMonday Motivators, I connected with a single world: Power. The reminder that my steps are ordered came from my posture emphasized over this last week in particular. I noticed my typical lean had been replaced with a balanced-on-my-feet, ready stance in conversations around the office. I welcomed my friend from out of town, and noticed my hand on my hip as he talked. Balanced, feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips or arms outstretched, palms open and strong are now my typical engagement stances. I didn’t know until I reviewed MawMM that the research on these postures goes beyond yoga and meditative traditions.  They speak to individual power. I offer them as a reminder to you.

You are powerful! You are worthy! All that you need is available to you. You are succeeding.

1. Awaken to Your Power.  It is sometimes hard to recognize. I get it. You don’t necessarily have unlimited power or power over everything in your life. But, that’s not the same as being without power. My exercise begins from the inside out. You have control over your breathing, which impacts your stress response. You have power over your choices connecting to your movements and your actions. You influence the world around you by who you are. That’s something–more than you realize. Be intentional with it.

2. Power Requires Action. This tweet immediately put me in the mind of a blog series I have outlined entitled, “You’re Not Doing it Right.” It talks through the fallacy of religiosity that lack any power over daily life. Check yourself to see if you are one of those people who claims a higher being without claiming higher power. That person who claims spiritual things, but only thinks in literal and tangible terms. That person who proclaims faith, while cowering in fear. Don’t be that person. Or, stop being that person.

3. Power Up based on Small Successes. It’s not just about the fact that they said you couldn’t. It’s also about remembering that you have done something like this before. You have progressed. This week, I began a conversation with  my wife by introducing vision, but it felt fraught with obstacles. I switched to a presentation of hurdles now past. If you overcame the former challenges, you can succeed again. Time passes anyway. Might as well make it count.

4. Power Shortage is Work Shortage. Since there is plenty to be done, there is abundant power available. This gets into the chant of attracting positivity, sustainability, grace, and favor from the universe. Don’t look at the To-Do list as a HOW question. Look at it as a HOW indication. The longer the list, the more power available to you. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. No shortage of work, no shortage of power.

5. Power is in Your Posture. Stand tall. Walk with confidence. Lean in. Remain open. It is ALL working for your benefit. You attract greatness, value, and favor. You have everything you need. Your help arrives at the right times, with the right tools, fit for the timing that benefits you the most. Stand ready to catch the benefit rushing toward you.