MAWMonday Motivators 3/29/2015

I read a meme from a friend that appeared in my FB news feed. It reminded me of the mistakes I am hearing about in my Family Coaching practice. I decided to dedicate today’s MAWMonday Motivators to encourage your play. As always, Twitter was on the same wavelength.

The original meme quipped:

I am a Preschooler
I am not built
to sit still, keep my hands to myself,
take turns, be patient, stand in line or be quiet.
I need motion, I need novelty, I need adventure,
I need to engage the world with my whole body.
(Trust me, I’m Learning)

10265621_10152284480666895_3723348331669039216_o1. Play
Kids need to play, and so do you.
True for preschoolers, but also true for older kids. True in school, but equally true outside of school. It’s also true for you.

Your play will be more mature, but not by being “work” by another name. Your play has purpose. You are wise enough to know the habits of mind and the seeds of ideas that result from your play. But, don’t miss the best feature of play: enjoyment. That joy places you in the perfect state for creativity, wonder, and productivity.

2. Move
Kids need to move. @lisadeboer invites you to read an article. A user is right with a comment stating that physical activity should be integrated into the learning process, not considered a break from it. The article laments the loss of recess, but more importantly a loss of awareness about movement and activity as a support (even process) for learning.

It’s the same with you. Activity is part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t leave it out because you’ve outgrown it. Or, you will certainly outgrow it! 🙂 One doctor said it this way: “Typically, the 35-40-something women I see for checkups gain 5-7 pounds each semi-annual visit.”

3. Dance
When was the last time you danced like no one was watching? Take a moment and shake it! Remember what it was like to be a kid with little or no worries. Now, consider the life you are providing for your kids and kids you meet. Let them dance. Allow them to laugh (even loudly). Structure the rules so that they can talk and interact.

Now, do the same for you. Watch cartoons with enjoyment. Bring out the old board games and rediscover their worth. Find something ridiculous and laugh out loud. Walk out intentionally in the rain and dance!

4. Evolve
The amazing thing about creativity is that it sprouts from the mundane motivated by curiosity and wonder. Play is a great medium for creativity’s growth. As @GermanyKent tweets, don’t just survive. Evolve. Thrive. Through-Life-Live. Through play, find new ways to view the world and experience your circumstances. Search for the opportunity like Easter eggs during the hunt.

5. Stay Young
Keep learning. You owe it to yourself, but also to those who come after you. Develop a legacy of joy and thanksgiving. Live. Love. Laugh. Allow kids to do the same knowing that they are learning what matters most. They are learning to engage. It’s the lesson you must learn. If you can effectively engage, you can learn anything.