MAWMonday Motivators 4/14/2015

I’ve experienced disappointment this past week. But, I’m late with MAWMonday Motivators to post this encouragement on my birthday. If you’ve had disappointment, my message this week is that your life is a movie, and you are the star. The story has some sad parts. The story had some great parts too. My suggestion is to control the genre of your story. Make it a super hero flick, and make it epic.

1. Imagine the Best
What if you could fly? You may have lost that ability to dream. But, you can still consider positive outcomes as opposed to negative ones. What if, after you have learned the lesson of the current disappointment, you were better able to handle the next level? It’s a promise for everyone. It’s the story line for the super hero.

BruceWayne2. Protect Your Inner Peace
Even with no super powers, Bruce Wayne had to go away and learn to manage his mental state. Like Bruce, even if you are not practiced in your super powers, you will need mental discipline. It’s not about protecting your self, but it is about defending your inner peace.

Even before you have difficulties, it’s a great idea to know what you value. Know your measures of success. And, know where you go to recharge. You can even call it your bat cave.

3. Register for the Opportunity
Put yourself in a position to say no. Apply. Compete. You can always decide on another option. You must get your name in the group, your project in the mix, your ticket in the raffle if you want to be chosen. Even if you lose, if you fail, if you decline, you learn. Put yourself in a position to make a decision from a complete se of options.

4. May the Force Be You
You have the power! Authority is nice, but influence can lead to inspiration. Influence is the perfect skill to apply in the context of disappointments. It reminds you that how you handle setbacks is observed by others. Even in your struggle, you can inspire others to achieve beyond their dreams.

Luke_I_Am_Your_FatherFor my part, I explained my failure and disappointment to my children. I explained what I learned and my plan of action. I explained the satisfaction I feel, even in the context of failure, because I am authentic. It’s not the experience of land far far away. It’s close. It’s influence. After all, I am their father.

5. Be Your Hero
The story of my disappointment is not complete. But, no matter the decisions of those in power, I will continue living a life of service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationship, integrity, and competence. I will build on these to continue my authentic journey. Whatever the outcome, I will love me…the authentic me. He’s my hero.