N.A.H. Interviews MAWMedia Owner

MAWMedia Group Owner/CEO, Michael A. Wright, was interviewed for the “People Who Inspire Series” on Notes of an Aspiring Humanitarian, a popular blog written by an entrepreneurial social worker, Relando Thompkins. Many know that MAWMedia Group is headed by a social worker. What they may not know is the story of his personal development and the development of the company. Find the full interview herehttp://goo.gl/6CS86

The interview covers a range of questions centering on the origins and trajectory of MAWMedia Group providing insight into its game plan for changing the world. Wright communicates a vision for change and a six part road map for social entrepreneurs. He invites,

“… partner with me and others to contribute to justice, altruism, and progress.”

MAWMedia Group is a consulting firm based in Nashville, TN founded by mentor, entrepreneur, and educator Dr. Michael A. Wright. Read more about COACH Method here: http://mawmedia.com/blog/?page_id=99