New Designs for Both &

Nashville, TN – Observers are beaming over the newly launched designs for the MAWMedia Group flagship sites. Said one viewer, “The previous designs were nice, but these make me realize what they were missing!” Both sites were redesigned with an eye toward user experience and differentiation as their purposes are more clarified. MAWMedia Group’s online presence has grown noticeably since its relaunch Spring 2012. This refreshing and strategic refocusing continues the development of a useful online infrastructure for justice, progress, and altruism., the corporate site for MAWMedia Group, now sports a more intuitive and visually pleasing splash page. Clear links to informational pages and the web store are posted at the top of the page. Included is the link to the new store. COACH Live! is also linked at the top for easy access to the page where all the action is.

Michael A. WrightA never-before included feature of the new is mention of the principal and Owner/CEO, Michael A. Wright, PhD, LAPSW. The site will continue to work toward the branding of Dr. Wright’s expertise with the launching of a YouTube channel sometime later this year. Pictures of Dr. Wright have never been on the front page of the site prior to this redesign.  “It is important now to brand the consulting and motivational speaking as a Michael A. Wright commodity, and expand the production function of MAWMedia Group as a separate venture,” Dr. Wright stated as he reflected on the design.

The site has also staked its corporate branding focusing on production through publishing, consulting, training and research. News and press releases will continue to propagate the site along with Writing Tips, Consulting Notes, Author Calls, and Research Updates. A newly envisioned graphic feature area will highlight the latest publications by MAWMedia Group and software by

COACHINGCOACH Live! at was always an e-zine, but the Spring 2013 design has highlighted that function with simple navigation, photo-based featuring of articles, and a cool new slider. Rounding out the design are features like a new RSS feed link, prominent social media icons at the top of the page, and twitter posts syndicated in the footer. “With the new intuitive design of the base magazine site, we can now get to work on the integration of inGroup and LeadJIT,” Dr. Wright said of the plan to make the training functions of the COACHMethod enterprise searchable through the magazine interface.