Online with Your Next Job Search is the clearing house, and a typical destination for job seekers. Even if you begin on google, career builder, or other sites, chances are, you are getting data aggregated from And there are many job sites out there. boasts to potential employers that they submit a listing to 100+ job boards. For a list, click (

Problem is, you are 2 or 3 steps removed from the employer with many of these sites. That creates confusion and the danger that you will sign up for multiple, unnecessary opt-ins that will soon clutter your email mailbox. The increased traffic is not only annoying. The clutter can cause you to overlook important communications.

First Advice First

As a career coach, my first advice in seeking employment is to identify the organization you would like to work for and cultivate a relationship with the organization through volunteering or internship. Connect with current employees to get a sense of the culture of the employer. When it is time to apply, go to the human resources website of the organization and apply. Of course, it would be advisable to present your application, resume, and cover letter in person, but there aren’t many organizations left who still have this personal approach to hiring.

If you are looking for non-profit, federal, local government, or state-aware jobs, I have a number of sites for¬†you. This list has some local sites, but keep in mind that similar sites are active in your area. For example, I’m profiling a site from the Center for Non-profit Management in Nashville, Tennessee (, but a sister site exists in Baltimore, Maryland ( Just search google for your state’s name or city’s name and “non-profit jobs.”

Many metro and municipal governments have engaged this site to provide listing and application services even though they have their own websites and listings. The site features the ability for secure login and maintenance of your basic application information. That way, you don’t have to enter that information for each job announcement.
If you are looking for federal jobs, or you just want to see jobs that offer pay in the 6-figure range, check out this site. For many federal job, this site mechanism saves you the trouble of complicated application procedures with multiple required forms. The needed forms are automatically included in the application process online.
Find opportunities that are on the bleeding edge of philanthropy and social enterprise with this site. Find part-time, contract, and virtual office listings that all have something to do with social good. The site also provides detailed information about member organizations and social enterprise globally.

Nashville Local
The Center for Non-profit Management offers this site in addition to the other helpful information in their competencies. The site features the ability to search for employment opportunities by job category, job type, or organization type. This allows you to be selective in the type of non-profit and work experience you explore.
This site may be a learning experience for you in addition to a good place to search for employment. A service of the state of Tennessee, the site provides thorough job skill descriptions that you can select to fully express your skills gained on the job. Useful for your online resume and job matching on the site, this information can also be useful in revising your resume. I also used the descriptions to beef up my Linkedin profile. In the age of digital review of resumes, keywords are golden. We will soon see search engine optimization (SEO)services for resumes.