President of MAWMedia Makes Contribution


An attractive recap may be found at the following address on Relando Thompkins’ NAH site:

Nashville- Michael Wright, President of MAWMedia Group, recently agreed to contribute a series of blogs to the site on the topic of consulting. The series,   entitled, “The Social Worker as Consultant,” will reportedly begin with a definition of and perspective on the social worker as a consultant. From that point, the series is expected to  address practical concerns to be considered as the social worker considers contracting as a consultant.

Dr. Wright communicates that the following topics will be posted in the series:

  1. Defining the Social Worker as Consultant
  2. Basic Skill Sets You Already Have
  3. Organizational Skills You May Need to Learn
  4. Managing Your Consulting Business
  5. Examples of 4 Consulting Contexts (Including “Life Coaching”)
  6. Consulting with Start-ups
  7. Ethics of the Social Worker as Consultant
  8. Social Work Education and Consulting

The first post in the series goes live July 6, 2012. Additional posts will post weekly beginning July 21, 2012. Re-posts will also be available at

[MAWMedia Group is a consulting firm based in Nashville, TN founded by mentor, entrepreneur, and educator Dr. Michael A. Wright. Browse more about MAWMedia Group at Follow Michael on Twitter @MAWMedia]