ReBlog: Introduction to College, 20 Keys by Derrick Hayes

I am still developing the production team and writing guide for the Introduction to College project. My continued blog lurk and research led to this quality find from Derrick Hayes, Tennessee State University alum. Derrick includes virtually all of the areas outlined for our project in his list of 20. Students would do well to review and internalize this list. Parents would do well to pass it on to their students.

In my DERRICK Interviews the last question I ask experts is “What Keys to Success can you leave for others?” Dr. Will Moreland took it one step further and suggested that I start sharing these Keys to Success in the form of articles, reports and books. With that thought in mind I looked back at my career and realized how much it would have helped me if I had a team of success stories in my corner.

Networking with and interviewing celebrities and experts has given me a front row seat into the lives of people at the top and I’m here to share their insight with you through #20 Keys to Success for College Students.

Read More: 20 Keys to Success for College Students [full article].


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