Building a Brand Series: Knowledge You Need

#Branding I penned a series that must be made into an online training. The online training will have expanded content and worksheets. But, until then, I thought it would be useful to compile the content into an easily referenced list of articles. Please find the following for your enrichment. Building a Brand: 3 Foundational Components […]

MAWMonday Motivators 02/07/2016

Superbowl Sunday in the United States! I am struck by the parallels between growing up as a Black man in the US and launching a business. Both require what may be considered by others to be an unhealthy amount of belief in yourself and what you are doing. Consider that a truly unique individual, just like […]

Building a Brand: Seeking Investment or Selling to Cash Out

#BusinessTip #Tuesday Here is the part of the branding cycle where you actually make money. You have at least two choices in this stage of brand development: seek investment to expand the bounds of the brand or seek to sell the brand to another firm. Both options have advantages. Ultimately, the decision is made on ownership, legacy, […]

The Relaunch: Considerations in RFPs from an Old Web Site to a New User Experience

#BusinessTip #Tuesday ​Overview of Your Request for Proposals (RFP) First off, let’s just agree on the current market rate for a website. Let’s factor in that you don’t know anything about the web for business, and you don’t want to know. You just want it to work and produce increasing your capacity to meet your […]