MAWMonday Motivators 08/14/2016

Being in Reno┬áhas challenged my openness to the vibrations of others. Long-time residents have confirmed my feeling that Nevadans in Reno are “more closed” compared to other parts of the country. As a nosey, every-day psychoanalyst, people strike me as “over-protected.” What surprised me was my turmoil over how best to engage. The best advice […]

MAWMonday Motivators 07/10/2016

The problem is immaterial. The solution begins with you. The challenge is that many are unsure about their power, their purpose, their opportunity, their purview, and their context. All 5 are required for causality. You can make change happen, but you make the decision of engagement or indifference with each choice you make. Each of […]

MAWMonday Motivators 05/01/2016

Watch any movie that introduces some form of prophecy or prediction challenging the power and prominence of a person. In every situation, the person in power will attempt to resist or change that prophecy. Their resistance to change inevitably brings that reality closer to being made manifest. They create the road that leads to the […]

MAWMonday Motivators 03/06/2016

“You have to want it.” I tell my toughest clients like Sean (Robin Williams) in that pivotal scene in the movie Good Will Hunting. “I do want it. But…” they respond. “You have to want it.” I keep my face stern communicating the consistency and certainty of purpose needed to achieve. “Dr. Wright, I do […]