Business Analyst Skills for Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

The Business Analyst skill set is centered around communication, problem-solving, requirement evocation, and documentation. These skills are no less important in the delivery function of robotics process automation (RPA). The cycle of RPA leverages the skills of the business analyst in specific ways. Each heading organizes an environment of complexity that the business analyst must keep from chaos.

Business Consulting

Schedule a Consultation Whether the company is a micro-business, small business, or a branding of self, we approach information as your company’s most abundant and renewable resource. As a result, we work with you to mine and compile your data so that it is useful to inform and support new directions and revenue streams. From Data to […]

MAWMonday Motivators 12/28/2014

The last motivation message before the new year 2015 includes counsel to design, innovate, imagine, remain, and desire. I am not one to shun new year’s resolutions. The new year offers an unmistakable reminder that your opportunity is wide open and in front of you. It reminds you to make each moment count, to create, […]

MAWMonday Motivators 12/21/2014

A day late, because I was applying the sort of laser focus it takes to program Perl, HTML5, and CSS3 along with implementing JQuery. I remembered and took the time to retweet some of my favorite tweets. I just did not take the time to create this post. No regrets though. I spent some quality time […]