OLM: Emphasizing Entrepreneurship

The Wright method emphasizes entrepreneurship through outputs as a method to sustain the organization. This transition begins with the definition of entrepreneurship.  Organizations often say that they want employees with an entrepreneurial spirit. Many organizations say this, but this isn’t want they want. But, the most profitable organization, and there’s lots of research to support […]

Building a Brand Series: Knowledge You Need

#Branding I penned a series that must be made into an online training. The online training will have expanded content and worksheets. But, until then, I thought it would be useful to compile the content into an easily referenced list of articles. Please find the following for your enrichment. Building a Brand: 3 Foundational Components […]

Building a Brand: Branching Out

Branching out is a phrase meant to encapsulate your need to diversify the product line of the central brand concept. Along with this diversification, you will want to expand the media presence of the brand. Finally, in this second implementation, you will want to develop partnerships that demonstrate the utility of the product line. Diversity: […]