MAWMonday Motivators 01/08/2017

Love What You Become Confusion, frustration, uncertainty, and self-doubt. Believe me. I have been there recently. I also have experience overcoming those feelings of pre-fear. Your resilience is found in realizing or reminding yourself of your purpose. With that understood, you can alleviate the confusion. You can redirect frustrations by remembering to create. You can […]

MAWMonday Motivators 12/18/2016

This week, we talk about optimism. Not just the feeling of positive expectation, but also the behaviors that inspire through vision, correct doubt through understanding, heal through experience, persevere with kindness, and motivate through clarity. Twitter is my launch point. You are my audience. I believe this post will encourage you through the upcoming week. […]

MAWMonday Motivators 04/02/2016

#MotivationMonday Weather is such a great metaphor for the rainy, cold, warm, thunderstorm, sunny, mix that are the emotions. But, alas! No matter the weather, your productivity always boils down to choice. And, so does mine. You may call it motivation. Some lament it as procrastination. But, the truth is as simple as choice. It […]

MAWMonday Motivators 03/06/2016

“You have to want it.” I tell my toughest clients like Sean (Robin Williams) in that pivotal scene in the movie Good Will Hunting. “I do want it. But…” they respond. “You have to want it.” I keep my face stern communicating the consistency and certainty of purpose needed to achieve. “Dr. Wright, I do […]