MAWMonday Motivators 03/12/2017

Mindfulness: Floating is also Swimming Depression with a capital D is a persistent sadness. From all accounts, it is recognizable but not controllable. Many of us are familiar with depression with a small ‘d’–a comparatively less chronic inability to find joy and regulate a positive mood. I have explored both and the difference with expert […]

MAWMonday Motivators 11/20/2016

This week, I’m preoccupied with the power of the mind. I am overwhelmed with how trauma keeps many from experiencing abundant lives. Resilience for many is a risk to adopt an unfamiliar choice. Even though their familiar choice is harmful, it presents a clear and comfortable role. The good news is that you can overcome. […]

SCME SERIES INSTITUTIONAL 003: Creating a Culture of Goal Achievement

The family systems your institution is charged with engaging has built in resistance to your best efforts. The complexity increasing factor is that these barriers are centered in the uniqueness and collective identity of the family system. In order to complete your work successfully, your institution must have intentional processes to assess barriers, redress barriers […]