Capital & Business Modeling: The Sales Funnel 1 of 2

A sales funnel is the process from first contact, relationship development, opt-in, upsell, sale, appreciation, follow-up, and repeat business. An effective sales funnel addresses each of the steps in an intentional way. First Contact. Today, first contact is typically achieved through a free offer that requires the potential customer to sign-up with an email or […]

Social Media & the Non-Profit: the Systematic Storytelling Approach

Overcoming Barriers to Participation I have heard all the excuses. “I have nothing to say on social media.” “I don’t have the time to spend on social media.” “Social media is just not what I do.” Great and acceptable if you have the ability to pay someone to do it for you. But, that’s not […]

Why and How You Can Use Social Media for Business

#Business #Tip #Tuesday Network! You will have to build a social media presence. It’s not that social media is honest or true within itself. It’s that most everyone who will ever happen upon a morsel of information about you will enter your name into a search engine to find out more. Having a social media […]