Individualizing Assessment through Individualized Education of Baccalaureate Students

The following content was presented at the Baccalaureate Program Directors (BPD) Annual Conference 2017. Abstract: Abstract: Explicit Curriculum refers to the interactions structured for the delivery of content. Education can be delivered face-to- face or distributed to cellphones or handheld media devices. Maybe it’s not the modalities that are the challenge, but our structuring of the […]

The Priorities of the Social Work Profession (2015)

#education #service #poor Social Work Next: The Priorities What would be the domestic target list of priorities for a social work foundation? I provide my own list for your critique. Add these priorities to the practice mandate of environmental practice, the opportunity areas of any current time or context, and the potential of small associations (1000-5000 […]

Wright Completes Ecological Systems Theory and Practice Series for

Michael A. Wright, social work educator and President of MAWMedia Group, has recently completed an educational series for the online social work magazine The series sought to fill in a perceived gap in ecological systems information available online. The series consists of 5 articles. Dr. Wright begins with an explanation of an expanded social […]