OLM: Strategy Breakdown and GLT

Some may question as they attempt to wrap their heads around the OLM, “Do we complete multiple outcome logic models?” Typically, you have one outcome logic model for the organization or the unit or department that were focusing on. The OLM could be for the whole organization, but if your organization is broken into departments, […]

MAWMonday Motivators 06/18/2017

Beware the Trap: Seeking a Fair Trade #Juneteenth is tomorrow, and the anniversary has me thinking. I’m thinking also because I am launching a venture 18 years in the making. But, I am wondering how many assumptions we make about life that are simply not true. How many truisms do we accepts because they are […]

Capital & Business Modeling: Team Building Part 2 of 2

#BusinessTip #Tuesday This second in the series continues to expand your team. Notice the definitions and explanations, but also the considerations and personality types to look for when recruiting. The team individuals makes a difference. How they work together makes a difference. But, be careful not to interpret camaraderie alone as effectively working together. Your […]