Business Analyst Skills for Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

The Business Analyst skill set is centered around communication, problem-solving, requirement evocation, and documentation. These skills are no less important in the delivery function of robotics process automation (RPA). The cycle of RPA leverages the skills of the business analyst in specific ways. Each heading organizes an environment of complexity that the business analyst must keep from chaos.

Social Work Next Overview

Overview:  Social workers are on the front lines of social entrepreneurship, financial capability, public education, and health care. Yet, the profession is only now discussing the integration of these practice areas into social work education. Rather than focusing on the micro-macro distinctions, the profession must return to its roots toward integration of skills across systems. […]

3 Keys from Social Good to Social Greatness

As I work with companies that want to create a social good, I am often surprised at the similarities in their approaches. As a social worker, I employ the ethic of self-determination in my consulting and coaching. Yet, what works is just what works in business. In this piece, I present what seems to work […]