The Need in Social Work Community Organizing: Responding to Oligarchy with Access & Math

#SWNext #SocialWorkNext #Oligarchy   The Nobel prize for Economics was announced Monday. It went to Angus Deaton for work highlighting the mechanisms that perpetuate the wealth gap between the rich and the poor. It reminded me of one of the most troubling moments ever as a social worker. I cringe when I hear another social worker […]

Life Coaching

Organize Your Life We call it Lifestyle Coaching because the process works to change your life by informing your choices. Identify and act on your personal passion in your daily life organizing household and finance, career & education, family relationships, and romance to work in concert toward your success. Our team includes the Chairman, Michael Wright, […]

MAWMonday Motivators 10/12/2014

MAWMonday Motivators is my effort to trigger productive behaviors. I will check my Twitter feed and retweet 5 inspirational thoughts that I hope will trigger your action, and remind you of your giftedness and my joy in seeing you produce. Look for them to be posted by Monday morning each week–a COACH Method intervention and […]