Your Personal Bakery (2 of 2)

Starting Your Personal Bakery

The first question is: What do you know? What is it that you know more about than anyone in your circle? What advice or services do you always seem to be providing for others? What need do you continually run into?

Consider that you respond, see, or know about this topic because it is key to your potential. Often, an individual gets caught up in what appears to be lucrative or “easy” rather than examining his desires in connection with what he has.

Consider that your recipes are models, advice, market structures, and other knowledge that you can learn and expose yourself to. Multiple options exist.

Your choice will be cemented in the context of your uniqueness. Realize that you can mix and match models to best fit you.

Materials are the tools that you have at your disposal. Power saws, computers, pen and paper…What do you have?

Start with what you have including people resources. If you have money, consider wise investments that will provide materials for your product.

Ingredients are analogous to content. This is where your know-how and perceptions are used to complete the product that is your pie.

Focus on creating the content in a raw form first. Next, consider it in the context of your tools and models.

Once you have a handle on your personally created pie, consider the opportunity to produce more pies and share them with others. What is the market for the pie you have created?

[Excerpted from “COACH CEO” Available Fall 2012 by]

4 thoughts on “Your Personal Bakery (2 of 2)

  1. Taunya Wright

    The analogy of the bakery works for me. I’m trying to get all my tools together now, I’m so ready to taste my fresh baked pie!

  2. Eiko

    I agree with this.I never really thought of innovations as pie but it works. Although sometimes I have noticed that you may have to create your own pie by taking old pie recipes from here and there to finely tune perfection. Then the offering slices is the part that’s hard, not everyone wants to try it but when they do…….success

  3. Candance Massie

    I like this analogy also. It is very creative. I must admit that failing is a possible scare for many; however, our failures will mold us into who we become as a people. Our failures could help reveal true values, a sense of self worth, and determination. What may seem perfect for one may not seem perfect to another. The key is to make steps toward our goals with passion and a sense of cofidence to make the perfect bakery for self. We should learn from and embrace the flaws and imperfections that transpire throughout the journey. The worst thing to do is to “not try” at all.

    • eduanimator

      So, true. I am a big fan of embracing the revelation of life as it comes.

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