Your Personal Bakery (1 of 2)

The Pie and the Bakery

A predominant paradigm in society today is that of a pie—a reality of scarce resources and expanding needs. Everyone is conditioned to seek her piece of the pie.

Let us take that analogy for a moment. One option is to get a piece of the pie. Another option is to find another pie.

What would you need in order to create another pie? You would need a recipe, materials, and ingredients.

Assess what you have. You can find a recipe. Many options exist. Check your local library. Call your aunt.

What materials do you have? Do you have baking pans or just microwaveable plates? You may not have an oven available to you. This does not mean that you cannot make a pie. It just means that the recipe you choose will have to be no-bake.

What ingredients do you have at your disposal? Do you have apples, pears, chicken…What? Realize that you can work with what you have to make the pie that you can be proud of.

Rather than attempting to find ways to incorporate into a corporation’s pie, consider creating your own bakery.

[Excerpted from “COACH CEO” Available Fall 2012 by]