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copy-cropped-mawmedialogo2011.gifMAWMedia Group, LLC is a  virtual firm offering life coaching, business consulting, and publishing. Founded in 1997 by Dr. Michael A. Wright, aka theMentor, the company began by offering web development services. It now offers clients access to the know-how and mindset of production, distribution, and social good.

Life Coaching targets individuals, dyads (platonic, romantic, and family couples), and recent graduates who want to map out and execute a balanced and sustainable financial, career, health, and family life plan.

Business Consulting target associations, small business owners, and new entrepreneurs who want to integrate a social good, training, or media marketing strategy into their businesses.

Publishing targets new and established authors, brand developers, and autobiographers who are looking for a publisher, author coach, or ghost writer to help get a project written.

In short, we help you convert ideas into capital. We can help you to conceptualize, research, produce, package, and disseminate your idea. You focus on creating content. We handle the rest.

Mission: to contribute to learning in human systems through coaching in sustainable lifestyle and consultation in principled leadership theory utilizing knowledge technology tools, data on complex systems, and generational wealth building methods.

Motto: As YOU succeed, WE succeed.

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