You can intern with a leader in human systems intervention and innovation: MAWMedia Group


    Academic Coordinator – College or university personnel who coordinates activities of the internship.

    Internship Supervisor – MAWMEDIA GROUP personnel who supervise the student’s internship experience. Such person should be knowledgeable in the area of work in which the student is gaining experience.

I. General Information

A. Eligibility. To be eligible for an internship with us, students must adhere to ALL of the following criteria:
• A statement of interest identifying the area of practice.
• A clearly articulated plan for product development such as an outline, prospectus, or draft document.
• Currently registered status in an accredited college or university.

B. Course Prerequisites. Students who have a course work history in Leadership, Management, Community Development, or Case management are preferred. Students who do not have course work history in the above may not be eligible for supervisory tasks, community assignments, or advocacy coordination. Formal consent of MAWMEDIA GROUP is required for exceptions to this policy.

C. Grading. Grades and progress indicators will be settled by the immediate supervisor in consultation with the internship supervisor(s), and can be either S/U or letter grades.

II. Student Responsibility

A. Initiate Participation – Students must decide upon a portfolio project in consultation with an Internship supervisor prior to participation in the internship programs.

B. Consideration of Internship Opportunities – Students should obtain information concerning potential opportunities for portfolio projects in specific areas of interest from the Internship Supervisor, College placement officers, and/or other college or university officers. Internship opportunities should be in line with the identified career goals of the student.

C. Preparation of Resume – Students should prepare a resume and personal data sheet to be used by MAWMEDIA GROUP in activities not limited to press releases, grant applications, and annual reporting.

D. Determination of Specific Objectives – Students will assume primary responsibility to determine specific objectives of the internship in consultation with the academic coordinator, and identify activities that apply skills and knowledge learned in coursework.

III. Suggested Assignments

1. The student will submit periodic progress reports to the academic coordinator, with the number and frequency to be determined by the college or university.

2. The student will submit a final report which is evaluative in nature and which makes recommendations for future internships. The report should be more than a diary of activities and should provide a thoughtful critique of the experience.

3. The student will maintain a progress log with entries logged after each internship experience.

4. The student will participate in a post-internship seminar designed for exchange of ideas and experiences between fellow interns and MAWMEDIA GROUP personnel.

IV. Internship Supervisor Responsibility

A. Identification of Objectives and Activities – The internship supervisor will assist each student in identifying internship objectives that are consistent with the intention of the program, the student’s interests and capabilities. She also will identify activities that are consistent with the objectives and are feasible at the selected work site.

B. Supervision of Internship – The internship supervisor provides direct supervision by monitoring the on-site activities of the intern. Provides indirect supervision by reviewing progress logs that are submitted by the intern and convening weekly supervision conference with the intern.

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