MAWMedia Group demystifies content creation to develop authors with a diverse range of voices. Whether you simply want to say something or you have a novel fully outlined, you will find your voice and eventually realize your vision.


Content is central to any product. This means that a manuscript will be the basis of any production process. Manuscripts begin with outlines. Outlines begin with simple story arcs: a beginning, a middle, and an ending. If you can conceptualize a story arc, MAWMedia Group can assist you with the rest.

Once you have content, MAWMedia Group will help you package the content into a book, DVD, interactive CDROM, or a website. Often, a combination of those four products result from a production schedule. In this way, your product relevance is maximized.

MAWMedia Group is the publisher. We assign our own ISBN numbers. We maintain a strict intellectual property policy that allows you to own the copyright on the content you create even while partnering with MAWMedia Group to package, disseminate, broker new markets, and develop your capacity.

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